Friday | February 3, 2023

Meka Aur Susral

Marriage is not just matrimony between two people but it brings two families together where a delicate balance is required from both the sides. It’s usually a woman who has to keep balance between her in-laws and her own family. Meka Aur Susral reveals a similar kind of narrative where a girl is facing a hard challenge after hermarriage. She finds her in-laws some how difficult people to live with because of their continuous interference in her life. The story revolves around an on going effort she is making to survive.


  • Natasha Ali,
  • Taifoor Khan,
  • Samina Ahmed,
  • Nousheen Shah,
  • Javaid Sheikh,
  • Sabahat Bukhari,
  • Kamran Jeelani,
  • Sadaf Kanwal,
  • Imran Ashraf,
  • Hammad Farooqui,
  • Sadia Ghaffar.

Written by

  • Samra Bukhari

 Directed by

  • Mohsin Talat

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