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ARY Zindagi’s cooking classes ahead of Ramazan


The holy month of Ramazan is around the corner which engages all the ladies at homes to strive for new recipes for Iftar and Sehri to treat their families with great taste in the holy month. ARY Zindagi and Pearl Continental (PC) organized cooking classes to teach the homemakers new recipes in collaboration with Olper’s, National Foods & Knorr. These brands collaborated to provide their products to be used to prepare the dishes that were cooked at the event.


Chef Saadat Siddiqui of ARY Zindagi’s popular morning show ‘Lifestyle Kitchen’ was present at the event with VJ Hina Altaf who hosted the show and entertained the audiences. Women from different walks of life attended the event and showed keen interest in learning new recipes from the chefs who shared them by cooking the meal live in the front of the audiences.


All the questions and queries were answered from the chefs and the participants learned a lot from the cooking class.


Chef Saadat also cooked some dishes for the audiences and foods, which were admired by all. Along with chef Saadat other chefs from PC hotel also cooked the recipes for the audiences.


It was an interactive session with proper tasting of the cooked food, with the attendees who were asked to come over to the stage and see as how the cooking taking place.


The participating ladies wished that such events should take place frequently so as they personally get to see and learn how to cook new dishes. They also lauded the timing of the event and called it perfect time to start this event as Ramzan is right around the corner.


The brands such as Olper’s, National Foods & Knorr completed the dishes with the garnishing that made the dishes even more delicious.


The recipes are being shared with you so that you can try it on your own and experience the new dishes to cook.

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