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Salam Zindagi – Words Are Powerful


Words are powerful as they play as a major tool in the expression of our thoughts and feelings. Words of love, hatred, anger, happiness or jealousy leave a deep impact on our life.


Negative words are the result of negative emotions. Their use affects us as well as the people around us. Every word we utter somewhere creates an impact. Words once spoken cannot be reversed no matter how unintentional they were. So choose terms of expression with care, wisdom and love.

Words of encouragement, give birth to a winner,
Words of support and motivation, stimulates and strengthens a fighter
Words of love, magnifies a life!

Faysal Qureshi in his morning show Salam Zindagi highlighted this issue that we mostly overlook. Judgmental labels are an evil in our society, people call you ‘Mota’ if you’re a little overweight, ‘Patla’ if you’re skinny, ‘Kala’if you’re dark skinned, ‘Sookha’ if you’re skinny, ‘Chotu’ if you’re short, ‘Khamba’ if you’re tall and the list goes on and on.

Sometimes these factors are in control and people overcome these labels, other times they really can’t do anything about what they look like and instead go into a state of depression.

Faysal played a clip of model turned actress Amna Ilyas receiving the Lux Style Awards trophy for Best Female Model and using her acceptance speech to send across a strong message. “When I started modelling I got praise and criticism at the same time,” she said on stage. “I was repeatedly told ‘aye hai yeh to kaali hai’ (oh but she is so dark). Thank you Lux for helping me believe in myself. This goes out to all the dark-skinned girls.” Beauty has no definition, and this was a reply to all the judgemental haters.

The ever so handsome Faysal himself had been bullied by words; he expressed how people went “Oye motay, Oye motay!” when he was a little on the bulky side. He took those remarks as a challenge and made them work as a fuel to shut people.

How Faisal Qureshi Reduced his 33Kg Weight by aryzindagiofficial

The only negative feature is a bad attitude and an ugly mindset! Change this and all you will see is only beauty!

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