Sunday | June 20, 2021

Salam Zindagi – Jaane Kab Honge Kam Is Duniya Ke Gham

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We plan a lot of things in life, but things don’t always work accordingly. Faysal Qureshi and the entire team of Salam Zindagi did not know that this was how they were going to do the 1st show of their 3rd week.

Saddened, shattered and shaken from the news of the Lahore incident, Faysal Qureshi hosted the show dressed in black. He and all the guests strongly condemned the  deadly suicide attack in Lahore.


Why is that the innocent always suffer? How long will this continue? What had the children done to deserve such a death? Will this ever stop? First APS now a public park, what will happen of Pakistan’s future? These were a few questions raised by the show.

So many innocent lives are taken on a daily basis that we’ve even lost count now. Every time Pakistan fights back and finds the strength to grow stronger. “Likan Kub Tak?” asked Faysal Qureshi.

We heard of the concept of Qayamat when we were little, we witness Qayamat everyday now!

The show requested the people in power to take responsibility and to  stop the blame game.  And when the show played  live duas “Meray Maula Karam ho Karam”  and “Karam Mangata Hoon”, not a single eye was left dry.

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