Monday | April 12, 2021

Salam Zindagi – A Positive Attitude Leads To A Positive Life


Fighting over petty issues is another way of saying you’re sweating the small stuff – big time! Yet, we see it all of the time! People argue and bicker over the silliest things.

Faysal Qureshi brought this issue to attention with his latest episode of Salam Zindagi and he used the best possible way to highlight it.

The Salam Zindagi team created a scene where the guest was overheard arguing with her makeup artist. Faysal Qureshi used this instance to portray what the celebrity attitude is like, they throw a fit if the lighting isn’t bright enough and leave if they have to ask for water the third time.


He also stated that this bad attitude isn’t limited to the celebrity life alone, even the mango people face this issue in their day to day life.  We’re all well aware of that “khandaan ki phupoo” who will throw a tantrum if she isn’t called on the stage at a particular wedding and this is ONLY one example.

The other issue that he brought to light was how people have forgotten how to respect others. Even the basic act of greeting another comes in the way of their ego at most times.

A simple compliment, a word of appreciation, a little letting go of things goes a long long way! People need to remember that, and do their share in spreading positivity in this world!

Smile and spread the smiles! =)

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