Sunday | June 20, 2021


Revolves around Advocate K.D Pathak, a defense lawyer with a flawless track record of winning cases  and setting helpless innocent victims free, but not at the cost of upholding the truth. KD is a sophisticated, stylish, sharp and an exceptional  lawyer. His success rate s nmatched, but most importantly, KD stands not for his client, but for Justice.


  • Ronit Roy,
  • Romit Raj,
  • Shraman Jain,
  • Prerna Wanvari,
  • Ajay Nain,
  • Niloufer,
  • Raja Chaudhary

  Written by

  • Arshad Sayyed (DJ)

 Directed by

  • Rajan Waghdhare,
  • Rejesh Ranshinge,
  • Ajay Mishra,
  • Rahul Lingayet


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